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Message boards : Number crunching : estimated CPU time

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Message 171 - Posted 18 Sep 2010 17:09:15 UTC

    Just after attaching to project I've looked at what I'll face (I'm still quite new to boinc-way of DC, thus I'm curious). And I've noted that estimated CPU time is ~170sec. Later on it has changed to 6.7Ksec (now at 4.9Ksec).

    Me wonders, does it have some realtion to short deadlines (@Fabio, thx for solving it; that would be disaster otherwise) and flooding (yet to solve).

    My understanding is like that. The client requests work (1day, 86.4Ksec, in my case; I have reasons). That's about 500 WUs (based on estimated CPU time) (luckily limited to 50 WUs; thx again). That half hundred WUs turns to be 245Ksec workload (based on my ~4.9Ksec/wu, at time of writing) instead of 8.5Ksec.

    Thanks to 1week deadline 'boinc' has time to do it's thing. But isn't that 170sec estimated CPU time overoptimistic?

    Fabio Campos
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    Message 173 - Posted 21 Sep 2010 10:46:23 UTC - in response to Message 171.

      Hi whynot, :-)

      there are some properties of the primaboinca project, that have to be changed ... one of these is the estimated CPU time ...

      I'll check this ...

      Thx for crunching!

      best regards,

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      Joined: Sep 15 10
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      Message 174 - Posted 25 Sep 2010 18:31:13 UTC

        Then, I can post an update on my evaluations.

        I've got to conclusion, that if a system is running 24x7 there is nothing to worry about (except network and power supply). (The very last hour before deadline was a bit scary. I'm almost lost one WU. But that day The Boinc was pleased with my efforts thus I had luck.)

        More on the matter. As supposed, 3..4 days before deadline boinc has increased share of primaboinca up to crunching it almost exclusively. The last WU has was left with 415sec estimated within hour before deadline. And just after restarting it turned to be 8Ksec. That most scary moment. I know that estimated time doesn't change lineary. And I was lucky.

        For now boinc has learned how much work to request, thus I don't await any problems for now. But then I run 24x7.

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        Credit: 12,634,444
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        Message 184 - Posted 2 Oct 2010 14:30:03 UTC

          (just a bit more observations) First, I have to correct myself. Estimated CPU time is 577sec but 170sec. Sorry.

          name: uc_1284372958_52296334769_0
          WU name: uc_1284372958_52296334769
          project URL:
          report deadline: Mon Oct 4 22:15:55 2010
          ready to report: no
          got server ack: no
          final CPU time: 0.000000
          state: 2
          scheduler state: 0
          exit_status: 0
          signal: 0
          suspended via GUI: no
          active_task_state: 0
          app version num: 0
          checkpoint CPU time: 0.000000
          current CPU time: 0.000000
          fraction done: 0.000000
          swap size: 0.000000
          working set size: 0.000000
          estimated CPU time remaining: 577.407881
          supports graphics: no

          And the other one. I've attatched yet another system (3 cores). Then I've got 1+50+58+3+36 WUs, and eventually I've done this:

          27-Sep-2010 22:14:56 [primaboinca] Message from server: (Project has no jobs available)

          Sorry for inconvinience, if any.

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