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Message boards : Number crunching : Running, high priority overrules other projects

Copycat-Digital for WCG*
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Message 362 - Posted 13 Sep 2011 15:51:07 UTC

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    Message 375 - Posted 28 Sep 2011 6:56:03 UTC

      I guess, the problem (100s of tasks) might be caused by the not very well estimated fpops_est, the duration correction factor of the hosts is quite high in this project

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      Message 492 - Posted 9 Feb 2012 10:19:25 UTC

        Time to revisit this issue. Is there any solution in the works? Would love to devote more resources to this project but not to the point of exclusively devoting all cores of any given host. Find myself manually downloading work and aborting all but 1 task, otherwise the project hijacks all resources in high priority mode. Hijacking 1 core is bad enough.....

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        Message 534 - Posted 24 Aug 2012 7:22:20 UTC

          Last modified: 24 Aug 2012 7:27:22 UTC

          Though I hadn't noticed this one specifically, what I have noticed, which really is a bit of a problem is that when one attaches a new machine to the project, the project grossly under-estimates the completion time, until it's actually crunched a task. Because of this, BOINC will keep getting work until it turns a result in, then go into panic mode as it got too much work on the initial connection.

          Now the obvious, NNT the project after it got the initial block of tasks and resume after it completes can work if it's a machine one will return to regularly. But if one's setting it on a work computer or something of the sort, where one won't be there to babysit it for the several hours it might take to complete, this isn't always possible. Worse yet, if it's a single core computer, that isn't that new, one can end up with hundreds of tasks, and more then 50% of it will never even be possible to be completed, EDF mode, high priority, or otherwise.

          Perhaps more then a 10 minute initial estimate for new machines would be good? Then correct from a higher estimate? I don't know of any computer that can complete these in 10 minutes, not even my i7 Ivy Bridge quad core, which takes more like 2 hours per task (though it can run 8 tasks, running 2 hours each, concurrently. It supports hyperthreading, so Windows and BOINC sees it as 8...). The initial estimate seems way too unrealistic. If they'd increase it to an initial 1 hour estimated completion time, and then let BOINC learn from there, that would be far more ideal. True, the client has to run the project to learn how long it will take to run, but it'd be nice if the project didn't underestimate completion times quite so much on an initial attach. Even my i7 takes more then 10x longer then that, but the computer I recently attached was an old Celeron from pre-Pentium 4 days... A week latter, and 2 days before deadline, I had to abort over 100 tasks, and it was the only project on that computer. This is gaurenteed to produce a high priority mode...

          Better initial estimates would really help. 10 minutes just seems so unrealistic, I'm totally baffled that the initial estimate was ever set so low.... Even a 0.5 day total cache (with 0.0 on additional work) can quickly become over-whelmed when first connecting to this project on a given machine, when the estimate is that far off....

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          Message 535 - Posted 25 Aug 2012 14:32:02 UTC

            Enough beating that dead horse.

            I'm counting for science.
            Points just make me sick.

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