1) Message boards : Number crunching : Always sending 50 WUs regardless of requested amount (Message 482)
Posted 2959 days ago by BeemerBiker
Hold down shift and move the cursor to highlight in BM. This does not work in BT. In BT you can use the ctrl key and touch the top and the bottom of the task rows to select a group to terminate.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Invalid code signing key (Message 481)
Posted 2959 days ago by BeemerBiker
From BM I have "Remove" grayed out. I assume that is because I am using BAM! as manager. I do not want to stop using BAM! as all the rest of the projects on this system use BAM! I do not want to disconnect them from BAM!. When I go to boincstats I see that primaboinca is no longer on the project list. That is because I deleted it at that un-attach option. If I attampt to add a new project I get a message the the project is already added. I have sync-ed the projects with BAM! and primaboinc does not disconnect like it should. Probably because the signing key is wrong.

I do not want to stop using BAM! on all projects just to fix a problem with primaboinca. I recall this happened to me a year ago with quantumfire. I think I had to search thru projectdata\boinc\projects and remove all references to the offending perp. That was a PITA as I have a boinc farm.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Invalid code signing key (Message 479)
Posted 2960 days ago by BeemerBiker
I am getting this error even after "detaching" a week ago. I use BAM! and went to their site, boincstats.com and removed primaboinca. It got removed from BAM! but I still get the signing error and messages tell me I need to go to boincstats to detach.

After reading this post I thought I should then try re-attaching to see if that clears the problem. I tried re-attaching but boincstats thinks this site is off-line and I cannot attach.

Anyway, I have a task which had a deadline of August 2011 that is still stuck uploading with that signing key error message.

messages in event file follow.

    2012-01-16 6:55:06 AM | primaboinca | This project must be detached using the account manager web site.
    2012-01-16 6:55:18 AM | | Contacting account manager at http://bam.boincstats.com/
    2012-01-16 6:55:20 AM | | Account manager: BAM! User: 53636, BeemerBiker
    2012-01-16 6:55:20 AM | | Account manager: BAM! Host: 299004
    2012-01-16 6:55:20 AM | | Account manager: Number of BAM! connections for this host: 61
    2012-01-16 6:55:20 AM | | Account manager: Dear founder of team Texas A&M University:
    2012-01-16 6:55:20 AM | | Account manager: You are invited to participate in the new challenge section on BOINCstats: http://boincstats.com/bam/challenge.php
    2012-01-16 6:55:20 AM | | Account manager contact succeeded
    2012-01-16 6:55:33 AM | primaboinca | Started upload of uc_1312292483_238563528001_0_0
    2012-01-16 6:55:35 AM | primaboinca | Project file upload handler is missing
    2012-01-16 6:55:35 AM | primaboinca | Backing off 3 hr 57 min 2 sec on upload of uc_1312292483_238563528001_0_0

The invalid key message is in the "notices"

    primaboinca: Notice from server
    Invalid code signing key. To fix, detach and reattach to this project.
    2012-01-15 11:00:57 PM WIN7PRO-JYS, jstateson2quad

4) Message boards : Number crunching : The server's drives need attention (Message 326)
Posted 3180 days ago by BeemerBiker
Still out of disk space, UTC time of last attempted upload as shown below

The uploads seem to be 750kb in size. If uncompressed, can these be compressed before uploading? I have a very low upload rate.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : No Checkpoints -- 2 (Message 223)
Posted 3330 days ago by BeemerBiker
Thanks for posting this, it explains why I am having a bunch of work units timeout. I am also off this project till it gets fixed.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Started getting Timeout/Memory leak errors on a Vista64 system (Message 222)
Posted 3330 days ago by BeemerBiker
Unaccountably, I have started getting errors on one of my 9 boinc systems as shown here AFAICT, from looking at the event viewer, this system seems to be working OK and other boinc tasks seem to have no problems. This is an AMD system, 64 bit opteron running Vista64. I have 4 linux (AMD), and 3 Win7 (AMD & Intel) and all run 64 bit OS and seem to be ok.

Looking at the task it details, primaboinca terminates because it has exceeded its time allocation and states "memory leak".

    Maximum elapsed time exceeded
    Hello, stderr!!!!
  • *********
  • *********
    Memory Leaks Detected!!!



BOINC switches tasks after an hour and on this system, it seems to take over an hour for primaboinca to complete a task. SInce the programs restarts over, it never finished any tasks. Appearantly the more recent work units are taking over an hour and this system got caught while my other 7 didnt, as least yet.

I came to this conclusion after looking at the no-checkpoint thread. I then rebooted my vista box and notice that primaboinca started over from 0 percent. It used to be at 88 percent and was lacking about 15 minutes.

I am leaving this project and will check back occassionally to see if the checkpoint problem is fixed.

ps - The only "memory leak" is forgetting to add checkpointing to the project apps.

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