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Posted 3001 days ago by Profile Krunchin-Keith [USA]
We've been busy developing a new team website that went online today.

Give us a look. BOINC team USA
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Posted 3217 days ago by Profile Krunchin-Keith [USA]
Welcome to team USA message board.

This message board is only for members of team USA on primaboinca.

Only members of team USA may post within.

Any information in USA message board is viewable by anyone, not just team members.
To view another team message board, go to the team page for that team and select the message board link on that page. You can then view (view only) their messages.

Discuss whatever you want with other team USA members or goings on about our team.

Team USA message board is moderated by the team founder, but due to limited time will not always be watched. Please conduct yourself in a good manner and play nice. You may PM me if you see a member abusing our team section of the message board. I cannot do anything about the general message boards, only team USA message board.

No advertisements for other teams will be allowed. These will be deleted.

Join us at the main team forum, see link on team USA page for discussions about our team on all projects. We have sections there only viewable and accessible by team members with more privacy.
Join us on all projects.

Your Kaptain

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