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Posted 2696 days ago by Biggles
Well someone had to do it.

I had a flick through the stats and noticed a bunch of computers that are truly awe inspiringly fast. Like Core 2 Quads that must be running at 6+ GHz to achieve the kind of benchmarks they're getting.

Except, they are running 5.5.0 clients. You know, the unofficial one that was used to vastly, vastly overclaim credit. It was outright banned on some projects. Problem is, with a quorum of just one, people will get credit based on what they claim.

And that's really unfair.

For some comparison purposes, this host is overclocked and running at 3GHz. This host might well be overclocked, but it's benchmarks are 241% higher, which by my reckoning (bearing in mind the BOINC CPU benchmark is about single threaded performance) means it must be running at 7.23 GHz. Er, no, don't think so.

So either ban it, and half the credit for anyone using it, or just give us the ok to claim however much credit we want.

Can we have a statement from an admin please?

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