1) Message boards : Cafe : Team Recruitment Thread (Message 1723)
Posted 1686 days ago by Profile Steve Hawker*
Hello Astra*s,

After a short break the team forum is once again alive and kicking. Come join the fun at:


Please note this is not the old address.

New members always welcome to the party
2) Message boards : Cafe : User of the year? (Message 606)
Posted 2298 days ago by Profile Steve Hawker*
The user of the day has been featured for at least a week to my knowledge, and possibly for much longer.
I suggest this feature of the forum should be changed to "User of the Year".

Was that user "pseudo"?

UOTD script needs running. Admins please?
3) Message boards : Number crunching : No Checkpoints -- 2 (Message 547)
Posted 2633 days ago by Profile Steve Hawker*
What about OSX? I see the app is still from 2010.

Darn. I just paused a WU @75% and when I restarted it, back to 0%.

So OSX checkpointing still not working. I'll finish the 2 WUs I've got then i'll be off somewhere else.

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