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Posted 3442 days ago by kevint
just a few more days, then I have 100K and I am outta here. Another E2 on the way out!

The very low pay here is just too painful!!! I don't work for less than minimum wage. (at least for very long) Just needed the experience on my resume so to speak.

Let the E1's donate their computer time to this project.
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Posted 3449 days ago by kevint
I am fine with the amount of credit granted. I would just like the stats to be exported more often. The Free-DC stats usually only update once every couple of days...

Of course you are.
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Posted 3452 days ago by kevint

The comparison to Capitalism and Socialism only goes so far, or you can continue it further than you have.

Even in Capitalism there are constraints on how much workers get paid. The company has to bring in the money to pay the workers somehow. This is distinctly not the case in BOINC. Credit is granted, but the projects do not have to earn it in any way before it is granted.

Having projects assign whatever value they feel like is more akin to counterfitting than capitalism. It makes the ultimate value and utility 0.

Have to not figured it out. There is no "gold" standard anymore - The Fed Reserve has been given the green light to print as much fiat money as they feel they need.
So is true of BOINC- it is a fiat based system. The project admins should have the right to determine how much work they want/need done and base the payout on those standards.

Cross Credit is a socialistic point of view.

Credit should be award by credit per work unit, and stats should be accounted for per project instead of cross project.

That is why I hardly ever look at total BOINC stats - but stats within each project.

Your constant fight to keep CCP and lowering the standard to you view simplifies the issue, and leads to these sort of discussions.

If I owned a business- and I do. I would never ever ever hire anyone with your attitude on equality. I pay for production, not for just showing up. Not a single employee of mine is hourly pay, it is either piece rate or commission. This drives the company forward, entices workers to figure out faster and better ways to do the same job (saving the company money in the long run) motivates sales to new highs!
I LOVE paying out huge commission checks! Or seeing the employees being able to work 2-3 hours a day and get paid for 8 or 9, and getting the same amount of work done. Nothing is better for the bottom line of a company than group of people motivated by personal achievement and greed.

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