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The original BOINC-wide RDFRS team that can be found/verified via any official or 'stats' website from any project. If you intend to join our team which is affiliated with Richard Dawkins' official website to which the banner links, please ensure it points to with team name simply Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science - not preceded or containing any antecedents/suffixes/prefixes such as 'The' or 'Official'. This will ensure that you join the several hundred of us who have contributed hundreds of millions of 'credits'/CPU cycles/GPU and yes, even Android and iPhone CPU time to almost every BOINC project, even those long since completed/retired since our team's inception almost a decade ago, since which time we've slowly but surely gained members who are genuinely interested in advancing scientific knowledge and collectively contributing massive computing power to worthy BOINC projects. We've now grown to be one of the top 100 BOINC teams and growing, and still value the contribution of every single member, whether you are dusting off a 'dinosaur' to donate CPU cycles, or whether you are a super-user, crunching the latest and greatest multi-core machine, using GPU, and amassing massive amounts of credit, thereby helping to add to projects' computing power to advance human understanding in many scientific endeavours - you never know which work unit on any individual machine will make a landmark discovery or solve a historic problem. Richard Dawkins would be proud, as would all of us, to have that happen in our name, so thank you for joining us, happy crunching, and welcome! Crunch in silence, come visit the website and read, or interact with fellow teammates in the forum about nearly any/every topic - BOINC-related or not - imagiinable - we're glad to have you! Click my name or the team's name for any questions, concerns, or to generate mail or come to the website - hope to see you around, and thanks again for your participation, overall and to our team! All are welcome; this is an international team, as it should be.
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Total credit1,935,600
Recent average credit927
Cross-project statsFree-DC
Founder StandardbredHorse
Admins Raymond Marchant | MaxWeiss | Larsen
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