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Dorsilfin ("IT professional with a strong interest in computing. Seti.USA Yahoo...")
Duke of Buckingham SETI.USA ("Construindo um mundo melhor.")
dude ("Thomas alias Dude: Member of...")
Daniele [lombardia] ("Hi. My name is Daniele, born in 1969. I'm from a small town Ceriano Laghetto, near to...")
Dad ("PRIMO")
darkstarz1 ("Originally from Falmouth in Cornwall, I now live and work in Bristol (BOOM town!), for a...")
Dario666 ("[b]I am Dario666 from Poland and I compute for team BOINC@Poland[/b] ...")
Dunuin ("I'm Björn and was born in Hamburg (Germany) in 1986 where I'm currently living. Apart...")
dirke ("primaboinca startet am ca 01.11.2013 mit 4 Jahren Verspätung wegen dem schlechten...")
Darren ("Searching for new methods of numerous blend for their private residences, and / or...")

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