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Plejaden ("Hallo ... An alle ...! Ich wurde 1972 in Österreich /Wien geboren bin männlich...")
Patrick Harnett* ("Crunching as a hobby since 2001, but only got serious again early 2010. Based in New...")
philip-in-hongkong ("A computer user starting from the Apple II age, I've participated in distributed computing...")
Paul ("Born and raised in Louisiana, painting contractor. Hobbies are raising our terriers, and...")
PoHeDa ("Crunchen wir miteinander für einander und haben Spaß dabei, egal welches Team oder...")
phaeton57 ("I am member in the team SETI.Germany. I am convinced that we are not alone in the universe.")
patyczak ("Hi! My name is Michael. I'm 31 and I live in Wroclaw the most beautiful and historical...")
Paul D. Buck ("Born in Roechester, NY Lived in: [list] * Rochester, NY (~4 years) * Middleton, OH (~4...")
Piraten ("Die Piratenpartei Deutschland ist Teil einer internationalen Bewegung der Informations- und...")
Piotr M. Zalewski ("My name is Piotr. I´m member of BOINC@Poland Team. Greetings from POLAND ! :-)")

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