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sdl* ("Survived twenty years of military duty working with Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment...")
Shann ("Juste pour pouvoir Ítre UotD... Just to be UotD...")
Swordfish ("I have been crunching for many years going back to Seti Classic. I tend to prefer to run...")
Sorceress ("Retired driver living in East Tennessee, USA. I live in the foothills of the beautiful...")
Sam Gonce ("I am a forty-something father of 2 children (1 girl and 1 boy) and a member of Team...")
SETIKAH ("Let us together! You are Welcome...")
Sysadm@Nbg ("[i]cogito ergo sum[/i] sagt mein Computer, und damit er was zu denken hat crunche ich - a...")
Slicker [TopGun] ("Computer geek.")
SM6GXQ Peter Lindquist ("My hobbies are: [list] * Space * Physics and other science * Computers * Gardening *...")

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